H. Robert Horvitz - Learning through Friendship

If there's ever an opportunity, I seek him out. I seek him out because I like him, because I respect him, because it's always interesting and fun to interact with him and hear what he's thinking about. And I guess the evolution of my relationship has been one that involved especially much me than for him, a change in my experience, a change in knowledge and a change in my position. So I can go to Jim and bring another aspect to the conversation than I did in the early days. But he's still out of my league.

Jim really helped frame for me who I am in science and who I am in terms of my scientific interactions and that means both professionally and personally. And I will always appreciate that; I will never forget that. I would not have been able to do many of the things I've done without Jim's support for now what's over thirty years. He's an incredible person.