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Journal Holdings List
21 Title(s) on File
Tools for sharing, using, and re-using research
FASEB journal
Online v. 1 (1987)-, see online catalog for storage holdings
FASEB proceedings
see Federation proceedings (FASEB)
FEBS journal, The
Online v. 272 (2005)-, continues European journal of biochemistry
FEBS letters
Online v. 1(1968)-, Storage v. 1-532 (1968-2002)
Federation proceedings (FASEB)
Storage v. 6-35 (1947-1976), v. 37 (1978), and v. 39-46 (1980-1987)
FEMS microbiology reviews
Online v. 16-29 (1995-2005), see also next entry
FEMS microbiolology reviews
Online v. 19 (1997)-, with 2 year moving wall, see also preceding entry
Filaria journal
Online v. 1-6 (2002-2007), continued by Parasites & vectors
Online v. 1 (2007)-, 1 year moving wall
A database of the Drosophila genome
Folding & design
see Structure
Fortschritte der Botanik
see Progress in botany
Free radical biology & medicine
Online v. 18-53 (1995-2012)
"Promoting free access to medical journals"
Friends for Long Island's Heritage newsletter
Archives v. 22 (1990)-
Frontiers in bioscience
Online v. 1 (1996)-
Frontiers in neuroendocrinology
Online v. 16 (1995)-
Functional & integrative genomics
Online v. 1 (2000)-, Storage v. 1-2 (2000-2002)
Functional ecology
Online v. 11 (1997)-, earlier content available on JSTOR (
Fundamental and molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis
see Mutation research. Fundamental and molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis

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