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microRNA100 inhibits self-renewal of breast cancer stem-like cells and breast tumor development
Deng L,
Shang L,
Bai S,
Chen J,
He X,
Trevino RM,
Chen S,
Li X,
Meng X,
Yu B,
Wang X,
Liu Y,
McDermott SP,
Ariazi AE,
Ginestier C,
Ibarra I,
Ke J,
Luther TK,
Clouthier SG,
Xu L,
Shan G,
Song E,
Yao H,
Hannon GJ,
Weiss SJ,
Wicha MS,
Liu S

Cancer Research
  74 (22): 6648-6660; Nov 15 2014   Nlm
[DOI] [Full Text]

DataHigh: Graphical user interface for visualizing and interacting with high-dimensional neural activity
Cowley BR,
Kaufman MT,
Butler ZS,
Churchland MM,
Ryu SI,
Shenoy KV,

Journal of Neural Engineering
  10 (6): Dec 2013  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Plant MicroRNAs Display Differential 3 Truncation and Tailing Modifications That Are ARGONAUTE1 Dependent and Conserved Across Species
Zhai JX,
Zhao YY,
Simon SA,
Huang S,
Petsch K,
Arikit S,
Pillay M,
Ji LJ,
Xie M,
Cao XF,
Yu B,
Timmermans M,
Yang B,
Chen XM,
Meyers BC

Plant Cell
  25 (7): 2417-2428; Jul 2013   NOM
[DOI] [Full Text]

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