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Dephosphorylation of Tyrosine 393 in Argonaute 2 by Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Regulates Gene Silencing in Oncogenic RAS-Induced Senescence
Yang M,
Haase AD,
Huang FK,
Coulis G,
Rivera KD,
Dickinson BC,
Chang CJ,
Pappin DJ,
Neubert TA,
Hannon GJ,
Boivin B,
Tonks NK

Molecular Cell
  55 (5): 782-790; Aug 27 2014   Nlm
[DOI] [Full Text]

Genome of the long-living sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.)
Ming R,
VanBuren R,
Liu YL,
Yang M,
Han YP,
Li LT,
Zhang Q,
Kim MJ,
Schatz MC,
Campbell M,
Li JP,
Bowers JE,
Tang HB,
Lyons E,
Ferguson AA,
Narzisi G,
Nelson DR,
Blaby-Haas CE,
Gschwend AR,
Jiao YN,
Der JP,
Zeng FC,
Han J,
Min XJ,
Hudson KA,
Singh R,
Grennan AK,
Karpowicz SJ,
Watling JR,
Ito K,
Robinson SA,
Hudson ME,
Yu QY,
Mockler TC,
Carroll A,
Zheng Y,
Sunkar R,
Jia RZ,
Chen N,
Arro J,
Wai CM,
Wafula E,
Spence A,
Han YN,
Xu LM,
Zhang JS,
Peery R,
Haus MJ,
Xiong WW,
Walsh JA,
Wu J,
Wang ML,
Zhu YJ,
Paull RE,
Britt AB,
Du CG,
Downie SR,
Schuler MA,
Michael TP,
Long SP,
Ort DR,
Schopf JW,
Gang DR,
Jiang N,
Yandell M,
dePamphilis CW,
Merchant SS,
Paterson AH,
Buchanan BB,
Li SH,
Shen-Miller J

Genome Biology
  14 (5): 2013  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Targeting the reversibly oxidized protein tyrosine phosphatase superfamily
Boivin B,
Tonks NK,
Yang M

Science Signaling
  3 (137): Aug 31 2010  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Mouse models of human AML accurately predict chemotherapy response
Zuber J,
Radtke I,
Pardee TS,
Zhao Z,
Rappaport AR,
Luo W,
McCurrach ME,
Yang MM,
Dolan ME,
Kogan SC,
Downing JR,
Lowe SW

Genes Dev
  23 (7): 877-89; Apr 1 2009   PMCID: PMC2666344

The Role of Lmx1a in the Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells into Midbrain Dopamine Neurons in Culture and After Transplantation into a Parkinsons Disease Model
Cai J,
Donaldson A,
Yang M,
German MS,
Enikolopov GN,
Iacovitti L

Stem Cells
  27 (1): 220-229; Jan 1 2009  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Nestin expression in hair follicle sheath progenitor cells
Li LN,
Mignone J,
Yang M,
Matic M,
Penman S,
Enikolopov G,
Hoffman RM

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  100 (17): 9958-9961; Aug 2003  
[Full Text]

Nestin expression in hair follicle stem cells
Hoffman RM,
Li L,
Mignone J,
Yang M,
Enikolopov G

Journal of Investigative Dermatology
  119 (1): 291-291; Jul 2002  
[Full Text]

A senescence program controlled by p53 and p16(INK4a) contributes to the outcome of cancer therapy
Schmitt CA,
Fridman JS,
Yang M,
Lee S,
Baranov E,
Hoffman RM,
Lowe SW

  109 (3): 335-346; May 2002  
[Full Text]

Dissecting p53 tumor suppressor functions in vivo
Schmitt CA,
Fridman JS,
Yang M,
Baranov E,
Hoffman RM,
Lowe SW

Cancer Cell
  1 (3): 289-298; Apr 2002  
[Full Text]

Myc-driven lymphomas respond with both apoptosis and senescence to anticancer treatment in vivo
Schmitt CA,
Yang M,
Fridman JS,
Baranov E,
Hoffman RM,
Lowe SW

  98 (11): 172B-172B; Nov 2001  
[Full Text]

The 5 upstream DNA sequence of the SM22 promoter cannot maintain and its first intron is not required for gene transcription in adult murine smooth muscle cells
Li L,
Yang LV,
Yang MZ,
Qiu P,
Kim SY,
Chen Z,
Dichek DA,
Li JB,

  104 (17): 238-238; Oct 2001  
[Full Text]

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