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Mapping epigenetic mutations in fission yeast using whole-genome next-generation sequencing
Irvine DV,
Goto DB,
Vaughn MW,
Nakaseko Y,
McCombie WR,
Yanagida M,
Martienssen RA

Genome Res
  19 (6): 1077-1083; Jul 2009   PMCID: PMC2694473
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Ribonuclease activity of Dis3 is required for mitotic progression and provides a possible link between heterochromatin and kinetochore function
Murakami H,
Goto DB,
Toda T,
Chen ES,
Grewal SI,
Martienssen RA,
Yanagida M

PloS one
  2 (3): e317; 2007  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Shugoshin protects cohesin complexes at centromeres - Discussion
Hyman T,
Watanabe Y,
Yanagida M,
Hirano T

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences
  360 (1455): 521-521; Mar 2005  
[Full Text]

A 38 kb segment containing the cdc2 gene from the left arm of fission yeast chromosome II: sequence analysis and characterization of the genomic DNA and cDNAs encoded on the segment
Machida M,
Yamazaki S,
Kunihiro S,
Tanaka T,
Kushida N,
Jinno K,
Haikawa Y,
Yamazaki J,
Yamamoto S,
Sekine M,
Oguchi A,
Nagai Y,
Sakai M,
Aoki K,
Ogura K,
Kudoh Y,
Kikuchi H,
Zhang MQ,
Yanagida M

  16 (1): 71-80; Jan 2000  
[Full Text]

Identification of 7 New Cut Genes Involved in Schizosaccharomyces-Pombe Mitosis
Samejima I,
Matsumoto T,
Nakaseko Y,
Beach D,
Yanagida M

Journal of Cell Science
  105 (0): 135-143; May 1993  
[Full Text]

A 13-Kb Resolution Cosmid Map of the 14-Mb Fission Yeast Genome by Nonrandom Sequence-Tagged Site Mapping
Mizukami T,
Chang WI,
Garkavtsev I,
Kaplan N,
Lombardi D,
Matsumoto T,
Niwa O,
Kounosu A,
Yanagida M,
Marr TG,
Beach D

  73 (1): 121-132; Apr 1993  
[Full Text]

Regulation of the Eukaryotic Cell-Cycle - Final Discussion
Yanagida ,
Wang ,
Hunter ,
Morris ,
Sherr ,
Stillman ,
Cross ,
Kirschner ,
Beach ,

Ciba Foundation Symposia
  170 (0): 276-278; 1992  
[Full Text]

The Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Family
Harlow ,
Hunter ,
Nasmyth ,
Hunt ,
Kirschner ,
Beach ,
Pines ,
Reed ,
Yanagida ,

Ciba Foundation Symposia
  170 (0): 205-208; 1992  
[Full Text]

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