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Genome-wide transposon tagging reveals location-dependent effects on transcription and chromatin organization in Arabidopsis
Rosin FM,
Watanabe N,
Cacas JL,
Kato N,
Arroyo JM,
Fang Y,
May B,
Vaughn MW,
Simorowski J,
Ramu U,
McCombie RW,
Spector DL,
Martienssen RA,
Lam E

Plant J
  55 (3): 514-525; Aug 2008  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Gene trap lines define domains of gene regulation in Arabidopsis petals and stamens
Nakayama N,
Arroyo JM,
Simorowski J,
May B,
Martienssen R,
Irish VF

The Plant cell
  17 (9): 2486-2506; Sep 2005  
[DOI] [Full Text]

ASYMMETRIC LEAVES1 reveals knox gene redundancy in Arabidopsis
Byrne ME,
Simorowski J,
Martienssen RA

  129 (8): 1957-65; Apr 2002  
[Full Text]

The complete sequence of a heterochromatic island from a higher eukaryote
McCombie WR,
de la Bastide M,
Habermann K,
Parnell L,
Dedhia N,
Gnoj L,
Schutz K,
Huang E,
Spiegel L,
Yordan C,
Sehkon M,
Murray J,
Sheet P,
Cordes M,
Threideh J,
Stoneking T,
Kalicki J,
Graves T,
Harmon G,
Edwards J,
Latreille P,
Courtney L,
Cloud J,
Abbott A,
Scott K,
Johnson D,
Minx P,
Bentley D,
Fulton B,
Miller N,
Greco T,
Kemp K,
Kramer J,
Fulton L,
Mardis E,
Dante M,
Pepin K,
Hillier L,
Nelson J,
Spieth J,
Simorowski J,
May B,
Ma P,
Preston R,
Vil D,
See LH,
Shekher M,
Matero A,
Shah R,
Swaby I,
OShaughnessy A,
Rodriguez M,
Hoffman J,
Till S,
Granat S,
Shohdy N,
Hasegawa A,
Hameed A,
Lodhi M,
Johnson A,
Chen E,
Marra M,
Wilson RK,
Martienssen R,
Washington Univ Geno ,
PE Biosyst Arabidops

  100 (3): 377-386; Feb 4 2000  
[Full Text]

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