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Genome of the long-living sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.)
Ming R,
VanBuren R,
Liu YL,
Yang M,
Han YP,
Li LT,
Zhang Q,
Kim MJ,
Schatz MC,
Campbell M,
Li JP,
Bowers JE,
Tang HB,
Lyons E,
Ferguson AA,
Narzisi G,
Nelson DR,
Blaby-Haas CE,
Gschwend AR,
Jiao YN,
Der JP,
Zeng FC,
Han J,
Min XJ,
Hudson KA,
Singh R,
Grennan AK,
Karpowicz SJ,
Watling JR,
Ito K,
Robinson SA,
Hudson ME,
Yu QY,
Mockler TC,
Carroll A,
Zheng Y,
Sunkar R,
Jia RZ,
Chen N,
Arro J,
Wai CM,
Wafula E,
Spence A,
Han YN,
Xu LM,
Zhang JS,
Peery R,
Haus MJ,
Xiong WW,
Walsh JA,
Wu J,
Wang ML,
Zhu YJ,
Paull RE,
Britt AB,
Du CG,
Downie SR,
Schuler MA,
Michael TP,
Long SP,
Ort DR,
Schopf JW,
Gang DR,
Jiang N,
Yandell M,
dePamphilis CW,
Merchant SS,
Paterson AH,
Buchanan BB,
Li SH,
Shen-Miller J

Genome Biology
  14 (5): 2013  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Tackling antibiotic resistance
Bush K,
Courvalin P,
Dantas G,
Davies J,
Eisenstein B,
Huovinen P,
Jacoby GA,
Kishony R,
Kreiswirth BN,
Kutter E,
Lerner SA,
Levy S,
Lewis K,
Lomovskaya O,
Miller JH,
Mobashery S,
Piddock LJ,
Projan S,
Thomas CM,
Tomasz A,
Tulkens PM,
Walsh TR,
Watson JD,
Witkowski J,
Witte W,
Wright G,
Yeh P,
Zgurskaya HI

Nature Reviews Microbiology
  9 (12): 894-896; Dec 2011  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Whole transcriptome analysis of the fasting and fed Burmese python heart: insights into extreme physiological cardiac adaptation
Wall CE,
Cozza S,
Riquelme CA,
McCombie WR,
Heimiller JK,
Marr TG,
Leinwand LA

Physiological Genomics
  43 (2): 69-76; Jan 2011   PMC3026562

Genomic events associated with progression of pleural malignant mesothelioma
Ivanov SV,
Miller J,
Lucito R,
Tang CL,
Ivanova AV,
Pei JM,
Carbone M,
Cruz C,
Beck A,
Webb C,
Nonaka D,
Testa JR,
Pass HI

International Journal of Cancer
  124 (3): 589-599; Feb 2009   PMCID: PMC2920182
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

A YAC-based physical map of the mouse genome
Nusbaum C,
Slonim DK,
Harris KL,
Birren BW,
Steen RG,
Stein LD,
Miller J,
Dietrich WF,
Nahf R,
Wang V,
Merport O,
Castle AB,
Husain Z,
Farino G,
Gray D,
Anderson MO,
Devine R,
Horton LT,
Ye W,
Wu X,
Kouyoumjian V,
Zemsteva IS,
Wu Y,
Collymore AJ,
Courtney DF,
Tam J,
Cadman M,
Haynes AR,
Heuston C,
Marsland T,
Southwell A,
Trickett P,
Strivens MA,
Ross MT,
Makalowski W,
Xu Y,
Boguski MS,
Carter NP,
Denny P,
Brown SD,
Hudson TJ,
Lander ES

Nat Genet
  22 (4): 388-93; Aug 1999  
[Full Text]

Brain-specific tropomyosins TMBr-1 and TMBr-3 have distinct patterns of expression during development and in adult brain
Stamm S,
Casper D,
Lees-Miller JP,
Helfman DM

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  90 (21): 9857-61; Nov 1 1993  

A vertebrate actin-related protein is a component of a multisubunit complex involved in microtubule-based vesicle motility
Lees-Miller JP,
Helfman DM,
Schroer TA

  359 (6392): 244-6; Sep 17 1992  

Actin-Rpv - the Major Component of the Dynactin Complex - Activator of Cytoplasmic Dynein
Schroer TA,
Heuser JE,
Helfman DM,
Leesmiller JP

Molecular Biology of the Cell
  3 (0): A2-A2; Sep 1992  
[Full Text]

Identification of act2, an essential gene in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe that encodes a protein related to actin
Lees-Miller JP,
Henry G,
Helfman DM

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  89 (1): 80-3; Jan 1 1992  

Alternative Rna Splicing in the Control of Cytoskeletal Protein Gene-Expression
Helfman DM,
Guo W,
Leesmiller J,
Mulligan GJ,
Tsukahara T,
Wormsley S

Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility
  12 (5): 487-487; Oct 1991  
[Full Text]

The molecular basis for tropomyosin isoform diversity
Lees-Miller JP,
Helfman DM

  13 (9): 429-37; Sep 1991  
[Full Text]

Four fibroblast tropomyosin isoforms are expressed from the rat alpha-tropomyosin gene via alternative RNA splicing and the use of two promoters
Goodwin LO,
Lees-Miller JP,
Leonard MA,
Cheley SB,
Helfman DM

J Biol Chem
  266 (13): 8408-15; May 5 1991  
[Full Text]

4 Fibroblast Tropomyosin Isoforms Are Expressed from the Rat Alpha-Tropomyosin Gene Via Alternative Rna Splicing and the Use of 2 Promoters
Goodwin LO,
Leesmiller JP,
Leonard MA,
Cheley SB,
Helfman DM

Journal of Biological Chemistry
  266 (13): 8408-8415; May 1991  
[Full Text]

Identification and Analysis of an Essential Gene Encoding a Distinctive Actin-Like Protein from Schizosaccharomyces-Pombe
Lees-Miller JP,
Helfman DM

Journal of Cell Biology
  115 (3): 159A; 1991  

Structure and complete nucleotide sequence of the gene encoding rat fibroblast tropomyosin 4
Lees-Miller JP,
Yan A,
Helfman DM

J Mol Biol
  213 (3): 399-405; Jun 5 1990  
[Full Text]

Three novel brain tropomyosin isoforms are expressed from the rat alpha-tropomyosin gene through the use of alternative promoters and alternative RNA processing
Lees-Miller JP,
Goodwin LO,
Helfman DM

Molecular Cellular Biology
  10 (4): 1729-42; Apr 1990  
[Full Text]

Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Non-Muscle and Muscle Tropomyosins
Helfman DM,
Erster S,
Leesmiller J,
Cheley S,
Finn L

Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility
  9 (1): 102-102; Feb 1988  
[Full Text]

Postsynaptic hyperpolarization during conditioning reversibly blocks induction of long-term potentiation
Malinow R,
Miller JP

  320 (6062): 529-30; Apr 10 1986  
[Full Text] [PDF]

Arrangement of Messenger-Rnas and Protein Coding Sequences in the Major Late Transcription Unit of Adenovirus-2
Miller JS,
Ricciardi RP,
Roberts BE,
Paterson BM,
Mathews MB

Journal of Molecular Biology
  142 (4): 455-488; 1980  
[Full Text]

Translational reinitiation: reinitiation of lac repressor fragments at three internal sites early in the lac i gene of Escherichia coli
Files JG,
Weber K,
Miller JH

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  71 (3): 667-70; Mar 1974  
[Full Text]

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