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Selective methylation of histone H3 variant H3.1 regulates heterochromatin replication
Jacob Y,
Bergamin E,
Donoghue MT,
Mongeon V,
LeBlanc C,
Voigt P,
Underwood CJ,
Brunzelle JS,
Michaels SD,
Reinberg D,
Couture JF,
Martienssen RA

  343 (6176): 1249-53; Mar 14 2014   Nlm
[DOI] [Full Text]

Reading the Second Code: Mapping Epigenomes to Understand Plant Growth, Development, and Adaptation to the Environment
Berger F,
Cao XF,
Chandler V,
Dennis L,
Martienssen R,
Meyers B,
Pikaard C,
Peacock J,
Richards E,
Wagner D,
Weigel D,
Colot V,
Deal R,
Dean C,
Ecker J,
Gehring M,
Gong ZZ,
Gregory B,
Rodrigo G,
Gutierrez-Marcos J,
Hasebe M,
Hwang ID,
Jacobsen S,
Kakutani T,
Li JY,
Michaels S,
Noh YS,
Provart N,
Vaughn M,
EPIC Planning Comm

The Plant cell
  24 (6): 2257-2261; Jun 2012  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Hypomorphic alleles reveal FCA-independent roles for FY in the regulation of FLOWERING LOCUS C
Feng W,
Jacob Y,
Veley KM,
Ding L,
Yu X,
Choe G,
Michaels SD

Plant Physiology
  155 (3): 1425-1434; 2011   Elsevier PMC3046596

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