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Cryo-EM structure of a helicase loading intermediate containing ORC-Cdc6-Cdt1-MCM2-7 bound to DNA
Sun J,
Evrin C,
Samel SA,
Fernández-Cid A,
Riera A,
Kawakami H,
Stillman B,
Speck C,
Li H

Nature Structural and Molecular Biology
  20 (8): 944-951; Aug 2013  
[DOI] [Full Text]

In vitro reconstitution of budding yeast pre-RC, competent in recruitment of recombinant pre-IC components, using purified, recombinant proteins
Kawakami H,
Stillman B

Genes Genetic Systems
  87 (6): 385-385; Dec 2012  
[Full Text]

DnaA, ORC, and Cdc6: similarity beyond the domains of life and diversity
Kawakami H,
Katayama T

Biochem Cell Biol
  88 (1): 49-62; Feb 2010  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

The BioPAX community standard for pathway data sharing
Demir E,
Cary MP,
Paley S,
Fukuda K,
Lemer C,
Vastrik I,
Wu G,
DEustachio P,
Schaefer C,
Luciano J,
Schacherer F,
Martinez-Flores I,
Hu Z,
Jimenez-Jacinto V,
Joshi-Tope G,
Kandasamy K,
Lopez-Fuentes AC,
Mi H,
Pichler E,
Rodchenkov I,
Splendiani A,
Tkachev S,
Zucker J,
Gopinath G,
Rajasimha H,
Ramakrishnan R,
Shah I,
Syed M,
Anwar N,
Babur ,
Blinov M,
Brauner E,
Corwin D,
Donaldson S,
Gibbons F,
Goldberg R,
Hornbeck P,
Luna A,
Murray-Rust P,
Neumann E,
Reubenacker O,
Samwald M,
Van Iersel M,
Wimalaratne S,
Allen K,
Braun B,
Whirl-Carrillo M,
Cheung KH,
Dahlquist K,
Finney A,
Gillespie M,
Glass E,
Gong L,
Haw R,
Honig M,
Hubaut O,
Kane D,
Krupa S,
Kutmon M,
Leonard J,
Marks D,
Merberg D,
Petri V,
Pico A,
Ravenscroft D,
Ren L,
Shah N,
Sunshine M,
Tang R,
Whaley R,
Letovksy S,
Buetow KH,
Rzhetsky A,
Schachter V,
Sobral BS,
Dogrusoz U,
McWeeney S,
Aladjem M,
Birney E,
Collado-Vides J,
Goto S,
Hucka M,
Novère NL,
Maltsev N,
Pandey A,
Thomas P,
Wingender E,
Karp PD,
Sander C,
Bader GD

Nature Biotechnology
  28 (9): 935-942; 2010   PMCID: PMC3001121
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Modes of Overinitiation, dnaA Gene Expression, and Inhibition of Cell Division in a Novel Cold-Sensitive hda Mutant of Escherichia coli
Fujimitsu K,
Suetsugu M,
Yamaguchi Y,
Mazda K,
Fu N,
Kawakami H,
Katayama T

J. Bacteriol.
  190 (15): 5368-5381; Aug 1 2008  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Analysis on a novel functional structure in DnaA for regulating the duplex unwinding of chromosomal replication origin
Ozaki S,
Kawakami H,
Nakamura K,
Fujikawa N,
Kagawa W,
Yokoyama S,
Kurumizaka H,
Katayama T

Genes Genetic Systems
  82 (6): 545-545; Dec 2007  

Ribonuclease activity of Dis3 is required for mitotic progression and provides a possible link between heterochromatin and kinetochore function
Murakami H,
Goto DB,
Toda T,
Chen ES,
Grewal SI,
Martienssen RA,
Yanagida M

PloS one
  2 (3): e317; 2007  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Modulation of CREB activity by the Rho GTPase regulates cell and organism size during mouse embryonic development
Sordella R,
Classon M,
Hu KQ,
Matheson SF,
Brouns MR,
Fine B,
Zhang L,
Takami H,
Yamada Y,
Settleman J

Dev Cell
  2 (5): 553-65; May 2002  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

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