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Development of siRNA payloads to target KRAS-mutant cancer
Yuan TL,
Fellmann C,
Lee CS,
Ritchie CD,
Thapar V,
Lee LC,
Hsu DJ,
Grace D,
Carver JO,
Zuber J,
Luo J,
McCormick F,
Lowe SW

Cancer Discovery
  4 (10): 1182; Oct 1 2014   Nlm
[DOI] [Full Text]

BioMart Central Portal: an open database network for the biological community
Guberman JM,
Ai J,
Arnaiz O,
Baran J,
Blake A,
Baldock R,
Chelala C,
Croft D,
Cros A,
Cutts RJ,
Di Génova A,
Forbes S,
Fujisawa T,
Gadaleta E,
Goodstein DM,
Gundem G,
Haggarty B,
Haider S,
Hall M,
Harris T,
Haw R,
Hu S,
Hubbard S,
Hsu J,
Iyer V,
Jones P,
Katayama T,
Kinsella R,
Kong L,
Lawson D,
Liang Y,
Lopez-Bigas N,
Luo J,
Lush M,
Mason J,
Moreews F,
Ndegwa N,
Oakley D,
Perez-Llamas C,
Primig M,
Rivkin E,
Rosanoff S,
Shepherd R,
Simon R,
Skarnes B,
Smedley D,
Sperling L,
Spooner W,
Stevenson P,
Stone K,
Teague J,
Wang J,
Whitty B,
Wong DT,
Wong-Erasmus M,
Yao L,
Youens-Clark K,
Yung C,
Zhang J,
Kasprzyk A

Database : the journal of biological databases and curation
  2011 (0): 2011  
[Full Text]

Cancer proliferation gene discovery through functional Genomics
Schlabach MR,
Luo J,
Solimini NL,
Hu G,
Xu QK,
Li MZ,
Zhao ZM,
Smogorzewska A,
Sowa ME,
Ang XL,
Westbrook TF,
Liang AC,
Chang K,
Hackett JA,
Harper JW,
Hannon GJ,
Elledge SJ

  319 (5863): 620-624; Feb 2008   PMC2981870
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Correlation maps allow neuronal electrical properties to be predicted from single-cell gene expression profiles in rat neocortex
Toledo-Rodriguez M,
Blumenfeld B,
Wu CZ,
Luo JY,
Attali B,
Goodman P,
Markram H

Cerebral Cortex
  14 (12): 1310-1327; Dec 2004  
[Full Text]

Anatomical, physiological and molecular properties of Martinotti cells in the somatosensory cortex of the juvenile rat
Wang Y,
Toledo-Rodriguez M,
Gupta A,
Wu CZ,
Silberberg G,
Luo JY,
Markram H

Journal of Physiology-London
  561 (1): 65-90; Nov 2004  
[Full Text]

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