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The effects of carbon dioxide and temperature on microRNA expression in Arabidopsis development
May P,
Liao W,
Wu Y,
Shuai B,
McCombie WR,
Zhang MQ,
Liu QA

Nature Communications
  4 (0): Jul 31 2013   NLM
[DOI] [Full Text]

Oncogenic cooperation and coamplification of developmental transcription factor genes in lung cancer
Kendall JT,
Liu QA,
Bakleh A,
Krasnitz A,
Nguyen KC,
Lakshmi B,
Gerald W,
Powers S,
Mu D

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  104 (42): 16663-16668; Oct 16 2007   PMCID: PMC2034240
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Human CED-6 encodes a functional homologue of the Caenorhabditis elegans engulfment protein CED-6
Liu QA,
Hengartner MO

Curr Biol
  9 (22): 1347-50; Nov 18 1999  
[Full Text]

The molecular mechanism of programmed cell death in C. elegans
Liu QA,
Hengartner MO

Ann N Y Acad Sci
  887 (0): 92-104; 1999  
[Full Text]

Candidate adaptor protein CED-6 promotes the engulfment of apoptotic cells in C. elegans
Liu QA,
Hengartner MO

  93 (6): 961-72; Jun 12 1998  
[Full Text]

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