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A mammalian microRNA expression atlas based on small RNA library sequencing
Landgraf P,
Rusu M,
Sheridan R,
Sewer A,
Iovino N,
Aravin AA,
Pfeffer S,
Rice A,
Kamphorst AO,
Landthaler M,
Lin C,
Socci ND,
Hermida L,
Fulci V,
Chiaretti S,
Foa R,
Schliwka J,
Fuchs U,
Novosel A,
Muller RU,
Schermer B,
Bissels U,
Inman J,
Phan Q,
Chien MC,
Weir DB,
Choksi R,
De Vita G,
Frezzetti D,
Trompeter HI,
Hornung V,
Teng G,
Hartmann G,
Palkovits M,
Di Lauro R,
Wernet P,
Macino G,
Rogler CE,
Nagle JW,
Ju JY,
Papavasiliou FN,
Benzing T,
Lichter P,
Tam W,
Brownstein MJ,
Bosio A,
Borkhardt A,
Russo JJ,
Sander C,
Zavolan M,
Tuschl T

  129 (7): 1401-1414; Jun 2007  
[Full Text] [PDF]

Cloning, Expression, and Chromosomal Localization of the 140-Kilodalton Subunit of Replication Factor-C from Mice and Humans
Luckow B,
Bunz F,
Stillman B,
Lichter P,
Schutz G

Molecular and Cellular Biology
  14 (3): 1626-1634; Mar 1994  
[DOI] [Full Text]

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