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Actin-Rpv - the Major Component of the Dynactin Complex - Activator of Cytoplasmic Dynein
Schroer TA,
Heuser JE,
Helfman DM,
Leesmiller JP

Molecular Biology of the Cell
  3 (0): A2-A2; Sep 1992  
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Alternative Rna Splicing in the Control of Cytoskeletal Protein Gene-Expression
Helfman DM,
Guo W,
Leesmiller J,
Mulligan GJ,
Tsukahara T,
Wormsley S

Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility
  12 (5): 487-487; Oct 1991  
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4 Fibroblast Tropomyosin Isoforms Are Expressed from the Rat Alpha-Tropomyosin Gene Via Alternative Rna Splicing and the Use of 2 Promoters
Goodwin LO,
Leesmiller JP,
Leonard MA,
Cheley SB,
Helfman DM

Journal of Biological Chemistry
  266 (13): 8408-8415; May 1991  
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Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Non-Muscle and Muscle Tropomyosins
Helfman DM,
Erster S,
Leesmiller J,
Cheley S,
Finn L

Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility
  9 (1): 102-102; Feb 1988  
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