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High-density single-nucleotide polymorphism maps of the human genome
Miller RD,
Phillips MS,
Jo I,
Donaldson MA,
Studebaker JF,
Addleman N,
Alfisi SV,
Ankener WM,
Bhatti HA,
Callahan CE,
Carey BJ,
Conley CL,
Cyr JM,
Derohannessian V,
Donaldson RA,
Elosua C,
Ford SE,
Forman AM,
Gelfand CA,
Grecco NM,
Gutendorf SM,
Hock CR,
Hozza MJ,
Hur S,
In SM,
Jackson DL,
Jo SA,
Jung SC,
Kim S,
Kimm K,
Kloss EF,
Koboldt DC,
Kuebler JM,
Kuo FS,
Lathrop JA,
Lee JK,
Leis KL,
Livingston SA,
Lovins EG,
Lundy ML,
Maggan S,
Minton M,
Mockler MA,
Morris DW,
Nachtman EP,
Oh B,
Park C,
Park CW,
Pavelka N,
Perkins AB,
Restine SL,
Sachidanandam R,
Reinhart AJ,
Scott KE,
Shah GJ,
Tate JM,
Varde SA,
Walters A,
White JR

  86 (2): 117-126; Aug 2005  
[Full Text]

Fission yeast CENP-B homologs nucleate centromeric heterochromatin by promoting heterochromatin-specific histone tail modifications
Nakagawa H,
Lee JK,
Hurwitz J,
Allshire RC,
Nakayama J,
Grewal SI,
Tanaka K,
Murakami Y

Genes Development
  16 (14): 1766-1778; Jul 2002  
[Full Text]

Expression of Cell Type-Specific Markers During Pancreatic Development in the Mouse - Implications for Pancreatic-Cell Lineages
Teitelman G,
Lee JK,
Alpert S

Cell and Tissue Research
  250 (2): 435-439; 1987  
[Full Text]

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