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A comparative encyclopedia of DNA elements in the mouse genome
Yue F,
Cheng Y,
Breschi A,
Vierstra J,
Wu W,
Ryba T,
Sandstrom R,
Ma Z,
Davis C,
Pope BD,
Shen Y,
Pervouchine DD,
Djebali S,
Thurman RE,
Kaul R,
Rynes E,
Kirilusha A,
Marinov GK,
Williams BA,
Trout D,
Amrhein H,
Fisher-Aylor K,
Antoshechkin I,
DeSalvo G,
See LH,
Fastuca M,
Drenkow J,
Zaleski C,
Dobin A,
Prieto P,
Lagarde J,
Bussotti G,
Tanzer A,
Denas O,
Li K,
Bender MA,
Zhang M,
Byron R,
Groudine MT,
McCleary D,
Pham L,
Ye Z,
Kuan S,
Edsall L,
Wu YC,
Rasmussen MD,
Bansal MS,
Kellis M,
Keller CA,
Morrissey CS,
Mishra T,
Jain D,
Dogan N,
Harris RS,
Cayting P,
Kawli T,
Boyle AP,
Euskirchen G,
Kundaje A,
Lin S,
Lin Y,
Jansen C,
Malladi VS,
Cline MS,
Erickson DT,
Kirkup VM,
Learned K,
Sloan CA,
Rosenbloom KR,
Lacerda de Sousa B,
Beal K,
Pignatelli M,
Flicek P,
Lian J,
Kahveci T,
Lee D,
Kent WJ,
Ramalho Santos M,
Herrero J,
Notredame C,
Johnson A,
Vong S,
Lee K,
Bates D,
Neri F,
Diegel M,
Canfield T,
Sabo PJ,
Wilken MS,
Reh TA,
Giste E,
Shafer A,
Kutyavin T,
Haugen E,
Dunn D,
Reynolds AP,
Neph S,
Humbert R,
Hansen RS,
De Bruijn M,
Selleri L,
Rudensky A,
Josefowicz S,
Samstein R,
Eichler EE,
Orkin SH,
Levasseur D,
Papayannopoulou T,
Chang KH,
Skoultchi A,
Gosh S,
Disteche C,
Treuting P,
Wang Y,
Weiss MJ,
Blobel GA,
Cao X,
Zhong S,
Wang T,
Good PJ,
Lowdon RF,
Adams LB,
Zhou XQ,
Pazin MJ,
Feingold EA,
Wold B,
Taylor J,
Mortazavi A,
Weissman SM,
Stamatoyannopoulos JA,
Snyder MP,
Guigo R,
Gingeras TR,
Gilbert DM,
Hardison RC,
Beer MA,
Ren B

  515 (7527): 355-64; Nov 20 2014   Nlm
[DOI] [Full Text]

Conserved features of cancer cells define their sensitivity to HAMLET-induced death; c-Myc and glycolysis
Storm P,
Aits S,
Puthia MK,
Urbano A,
Northen T,
Powers S,
Bowen B,
Chao Y,
Reindl W,
Lee DY,
Sullivan NL,
Zhang J,
Trulsson M,
Yang H,
Watson JD,
Svanborg C

  (0): Jun 6 2011  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Identification of genotype-correlated sensitivity to selective kinase inhibitors by using high-throughput tumor cell line profiling
McDermott U,
Sharma SV,
Dowell L,
Greninger P,
Montagut C,
Lamb J,
Archibald H,
Raudales R,
Tam A,
Lee D,
Rothenberg SM,
Supko JG,
Sordella R,
Ulkus LE,
Iafrate AJ,
Maheswaran S,
Njauw CN,
Tsao H,
Drew L,
Hanke JH,
Ma XJ,
Erlander MG,
Gray NS,
Haber DA,
Settleman J

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  104 (50): 19936-41; Dec 11 2007   PMCID: PMC2148401

The proteasome regulatory particle alters the SAGA coactivator to enhance its interactions with transcriptional activators
Lee DY,
Ezhkova E,
Li B,
Pattenden SG,
Tansey WP,
Workman JL

  123 (3): 423-436; Nov 2005  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

High-resolution zero-dispersion wavelength mapping in single-mode fiber
Brener I,
Mitra PP,
Lee DD,
Thomson DJ,
Philen DL

Optics Letters
  23 (19): 1520-1522; 1998  
[Full Text]

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