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Accurate proteome-wide protein quantification from high-resolution N-15 mass spectra
Khan Z,
Amini S,
Bloom JS,
Ruse C,
Caudy AA,
Kruglyak L,
Singh M,
Perlman DH,
Tavazoie S

Genome Biology
  12 (12): 2011  
[DOI] [Full Text]

The International HapMap Project
Gibbs RA,
Belmont JW,
Hardenbol P,
Willis TD,
Yu FL,
Yang HM,
Chang LY,
Huang W,
Liu B,
Shen Y,
Tam PK,
Tsui LC,
Waye MM,
Wong JT,
Zeng CQ,
Zhang QR,
Chee MS,
Galver LM,
Kruglyak S,
Murray SS,
Oliphant AR,
Montpetit A,
Hudson TJ,
Chagnon F,
Ferretti V,
Leboeuf M,
Phillips MS,
Verner A,
Kwok PY,
Duan SH,
Lind DL,
Miller RD,
Rice JP,
Saccone NL,
Taillon-Miller P,
Xiao M,
Nakamura Y,
Sekine A,
Sorimachi K,
Tanaka T,
Tanaka Y,
Tsunoda T,
Yoshino E,
Bentley DR,
Deloukas P,
Hunt S,
Powell D,
Altshuler D,
Gabriel SB,
Qiu RZ,
Ken A,
Dunston GM,
Kato K,
Niikawa N,
Knoppers BM,
Foster MW,
Clayton EW,
Wang VO,
Watkin J,
Sodergren E,
Weinstock GM,
Wilson RK,
Fulton LL,
Rogers J,
Birren BW,
Han H,
Wang HG,
Godbout M,
Wallenburg JC,
LArcheveque P,
Bellemare G,
Todani K,
Fujita T,
Tanaka S,
Holden AL,
Lai EH,
Collins FS,
Brooks LD,
McEwen JE,
Guyer MS,
Jordan E,
Peterson JL,
Spiegel J,
Sung LM,
Zacharia LF,
Kennedy K,
Dunn MG,
Seabrook R,
Shillito M,
Skene B,
Stewart JG,
Valle DL,
Jorde LB,
Chakravarti A,
Cho MK,
Duster T,
Jasperse M,
Licinio J,
Long JC,
Marshall PA,
Ossorio PN,
Rotimi CN,
Royal CD,
Spallone P,
Terry SF,
Lander ES,
Nickerson DA,
Abecasis GR,

  426 (6968): 789-796; Dec 2003  
[DOI] [Full Text]

A 3.9-centimorgan-resolution human single-nucleotide polymorphism linkage map and screening set
Matise TC,
Sachidanandam R,
Clark AG,
Kruglyak L,
Wijsman E,
Kakol J,
Buyske S,
Chui B,
Cohen P,
de Toma C,
Ehm M,
Glanowski S,
He CS,
Heil J,
Markianos K,
McMullen I,
Pericak-Vance MA,
Silbergleit A,
Stein L,
Wagner M,
Wilson AF,
Winick JD,
Winn-Deen ES,
Yamashiro CT,
Cann HM,
Lai E,
Holden AL

American Journal of Human Genetics
  73 (2): 271-284; Aug 2003  
[Full Text]

A high-resolution human SNP linkage map
Matise TC,
Sachidanandam R,
Clark A,
Kruglyak L,
Wijsman E,
Chui B,
Cohen P,
de Toma C,
Ehm M,
Glanowski S,
He C,
Heil J,
McMullen I,
Stein L,
Wagner M,
Winick J,
Winn-Deen ES,
Cann HM,
Lai E,
Holden HL

American Journal of Human Genetics
  71 (4): 206-206; Oct 2002  
[Full Text]

Full-genome scan for linkage in 50 families segregating the bipolar affective disease phenotype
Friddle C,
Koskela R,
Ranade K,
Hebert J,
Cargill M,
Clark CD,
McInnis M,
Simpson S,
McMahon F,
Stine OC,
Meyers D,
Xu JF,
MacKinnon D,
Swift-Scanlan T,
Jamison K,
Folstein S,
Daly M,
Kruglyak L,
Marr T,
DePaulo JR,
Botstein D

American Journal of Human Genetics
  66 (1): 205-215; Jan 2000  
[Full Text]

Large-scale identification, mapping, and genotyping of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the human genome
Wang DG,
Fan JB,
Siao CJ,
Berno A,
Young P,
Sapolsky R,
Ghandour G,
Perkins N,
Winchester E,
Spencer J,
Kruglyak L,
Stein L,
Hsie L,
Topaloglou T,
Hubbell E,
Robinson E,
Mittmann M,
Morris MS,
Shen NP,
Kilburn D,
Rioux J,
Nusbaum C,
Rozen S,
Hudson TJ,
Lipshutz R,
Chee M,
Lander ES

  280 (5366): 1077-1082; May 15 1998  
[Full Text]

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