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Enhanced Y1H assays for Arabidopsis
Gaudinier A,
Zhang L,
Reece-Hoyes JS,
Taylor-Teeples M,
Pu L,
Liu Z,
Breton G,
Pruneda-Paz JL,
Kim D,
Kay SA,
Walhout AJ,
Ware D,
Brady SM

Nature Methods
  (0): 2011  
[DOI] [Full Text]

A stele-enriched gene regulatory network in the Arabidopsis root
Brady SM,
Zhang L,
Megraw M,
Martinez NJ,
Jiang E,
Yi CS,
Liu W,
Zeng A,
Taylor-Teeples M,
Kim D,
Ahnert S,
Ohler U,
Ware DH,
Walhout AJ,
Benfey PN

Molecular Systems Biology
  7 (0): 2011   PMC3049412
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Selective release of MicroRNA species from normal and malignant mammary epithelial cells
Pigati L,
Yaddanapudi SC,
Iyengar R,
Kim DJ,
Hearn SA,
Danforth D,
Hastings ML,
Duelli DM

  5 (10): 2010   PMCID: PMC2958125
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Syntenic relationships between Medicago truncatula and Arabidopsis reveal extensive divergence of genome organization
Zhu HY,
Kim DJ,
Baek JM,
Choi HK,
Ellis LC,
Kuester H,
McCombie WR,
Peng HM,
Cook DR

Plant Physiology
  131 (3): 1018-1026; Mar 2003  
[Full Text]

G-Protein Beta-Gamma-Subunits Activate the Cardiac Muscarinic K+-Channel Via Phospholipase-A2
Kim D,
Lewis DL,
Graziadei L,
Neer EJ,
Barsagi D,
Clapham DE

  337 (6207): 557-560; Feb 1989  
[Full Text]

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