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Evidence for the existence of a novel pregnancy-associated soluble variant of the vascular endothelial growth factor receptor, Flt-1
Banks RE,
Forbes MA,
Searles J,
Pappin D,
Canas B,
Rahman D,
Kaufmann S,
Walters CE,
Jackson A,
Eves P,
Linton G,
Keen J,
Walker JJ,
Selby PJ

Mol Hum Reprod
  4 (4): 377-86; Apr 1998   NLM
[DOI] [Full Text]

Automated solid-phase microsequencing
Findlay JB,
Pappin DJ,
Keen J
Protein Sequencing: A Practical Approach
(eds. Findlay, J. B. Geisow, M. J.) Oxford: IRL Publishers; 1989. : 69-84  

N-terminal amino-acid sequences show that D-hordein of barley and high molecular-weight (HMW) secalins of rye are homologous with HMW glutenin subunits of wheat
Shewry PR,
Tatham AS,
Pappin DJ,
Keen J

Cereal Chemistry
  65 (6): 510-511; Nov-Dec 1988  
[Full Text]

Pig kidney angiotensin converting enzyme. Purification and characterization of amphipathic and hydrophilic forms of the enzyme establishes C-terminal anchorage to the plasma membrane
Hooper NM,
Keen J,
Pappin DJ,
Turner AJ

Biochem J
  247 (1): 85-93; Oct 1 1987   NLM
[Full Text]

Homology between the pyrazine-binding protein from nasal mucosa and major urinary proteins
Cavaggioni A,
Sorbi RT,
Keen JN,
Pappin DJ,
Findlay JB

  212 (2): 225-8; Feb 23 1987   NLM
[DOI] [Full Text]

Limited Proteolytic Digestion of Coated Vesicle Assembly Polypeptides Abolishes Reassembly Activity
Zaremba S,
Keen JH

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
  28 (1): 47-58; 1985  

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