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Synthetic spike-in standards for RNA-seq experiments
Jiang LC,
Schlesinger FJ,
Davis CA,
Zhang Y,
Li RH,
Salit M,
Gingeras TR,
Oliver B

Genome Research
  21 (9): 1543-1551; Sep 2011   PMC3166838

The developmental transcriptome of Drosophila melanogaster
Graveley BR,
Brooks AN,
Carlson J,
Duff MO,
Landolin JM,
Yang L,
Artieri CG,
van Baren MJ,
Boley N,
Booth BW,
Brown JB,
Cherbas L,
Davis CA,
Dobin A,
Li RH,
Lin W,
Malone JH,
Mattiuzzo NR,
Miller D,
Sturgill D,
Tuch BB,
Zaleski C,
Zhang DY,
Blanchette M,
Dudoit S,
Eads B,
Green RE,
Hammonds A,
Jiang LC,
Kapranov P,
Langton L,
Perrimon N,
Sandler JE,
Wan KH,
Willingham A,
Zhang Y,
Zou Y,
Andrews J,
Bickel PJ,
Brenner SE,
Brent MR,
Cherbas P,
Gingeras TR,
Hoskins RA,
Kaufman TC,
Oliver B,
Celniker SE

  471 (7339): 473-479; Mar 2011   ISI PMC3075879

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