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Phosphorylation of H4 Ser 47 promotes HIRA-mediated nucleosome assembly
Kang B,
Pu M,
Hu G,
Wen W,
Dong Z,
Zhao K,
Stillman B,
Zhang Z

Genes and Development
  25 (13): 1359-1364; Jul 2011   PMC3134079

Myc Drives Chromosomal Gain in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Jones L,
Sevcikova S,
Phan V,
Jain S,
Shieh A,
Dubansky J,
Li M,
Maunakea ML,
Zhu G,
Tennant TR,
Lowe SW,
Le Beau MM,
Kogan SC

  112 (11): 294-294; Nov 2008  
[Full Text]

Cancer proliferation gene discovery through functional Genomics
Schlabach MR,
Luo J,
Solimini NL,
Hu G,
Xu QK,
Li MZ,
Zhao ZM,
Smogorzewska A,
Sowa ME,
Ang XL,
Westbrook TF,
Liang AC,
Chang K,
Hackett JA,
Harper JW,
Hannon GJ,
Elledge SJ

  319 (5863): 620-624; Feb 2008   PMC2981870
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Second-generation shRNA libraries covering the mouse and human genomes
Silva JM,
Li MZ,
Chang K,
Ge W,
Golding MC,
Rickles RJ,
Siolas D,
Hu G,
Paddison PJ,
Schlabach MR,
Sheth N,
Bradshaw J,
Burchard J,
Kulkarni A,
Cavet G,
Sachidanandam R,
McCombie WR,
Cleary MA,
Elledge SJ,
Hannon GJ

Nat Genet
  37 (11): 1281-8; Nov 2005  
[DOI] [Full Text]

A lentiviral microRNA-based system for single-copy polymerase II-regulated RNA interference in mammalian cells
Stegmeier F,
Hu G,
Rickles RJ,
Hannon GJ,
Elledge SJ

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  102 (37): 13212-13217; Sep 2005  
[Full Text]

Zhu GF,
Spellman PT,
Volpe T,
Brown PO,
Botstein D,
Davis TN,
Futcher B

  406 (6791): 90-94; Jul 2000  
[Full Text]

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