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The BioPAX community standard for pathway data sharing
Demir E,
Cary MP,
Paley S,
Fukuda K,
Lemer C,
Vastrik I,
Wu G,
DEustachio P,
Schaefer C,
Luciano J,
Schacherer F,
Martinez-Flores I,
Hu Z,
Jimenez-Jacinto V,
Joshi-Tope G,
Kandasamy K,
Lopez-Fuentes AC,
Mi H,
Pichler E,
Rodchenkov I,
Splendiani A,
Tkachev S,
Zucker J,
Gopinath G,
Rajasimha H,
Ramakrishnan R,
Shah I,
Syed M,
Anwar N,
Babur ,
Blinov M,
Brauner E,
Corwin D,
Donaldson S,
Gibbons F,
Goldberg R,
Hornbeck P,
Luna A,
Murray-Rust P,
Neumann E,
Reubenacker O,
Samwald M,
Van Iersel M,
Wimalaratne S,
Allen K,
Braun B,
Whirl-Carrillo M,
Cheung KH,
Dahlquist K,
Finney A,
Gillespie M,
Glass E,
Gong L,
Haw R,
Honig M,
Hubaut O,
Kane D,
Krupa S,
Kutmon M,
Leonard J,
Marks D,
Merberg D,
Petri V,
Pico A,
Ravenscroft D,
Ren L,
Shah N,
Sunshine M,
Tang R,
Whaley R,
Letovksy S,
Buetow KH,
Rzhetsky A,
Schachter V,
Sobral BS,
Dogrusoz U,
McWeeney S,
Aladjem M,
Birney E,
Collado-Vides J,
Goto S,
Hucka M,
Novère NL,
Maltsev N,
Pandey A,
Thomas P,
Wingender E,
Karp PD,
Sander C,
Bader GD

Nature Biotechnology
  28 (9): 935-942; 2010   PMCID: PMC3001121
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Vimentin Expression Is Differentially Regulated by Il-2 and Il-4 in Murine T-Cells
Hornbeck PV,
Garrels JI,
Capetanaki Y,
Heimer S

Journal of Immunology
  151 (8): 4013-4021; Oct 1993  
[Full Text] [PDF]

The Phosphorylation and Expression of a Nuclear-Protein Following Activation of Protein Kinase-C
Hornbeck P,
Huang KP,
Garrels J,
Paul WE

Faseb Journal
  2 (5): A1464-A1464; Mar 1988  
[Full Text]

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