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The taxonomic name resolution service: an online tool for automated standardization of plant names
Boyle B,
Hopkins N,
Lu ZY,
Garay JA,
Mozzherin D,
Rees T,
Matasci N,
Narro ML,
Piel WH,
McKay SJ,
Lowry S,
Freeland C,
Peet RK,
Enquist BJ

BMC Bioinformatics
  14 (0): Jan 16 2013  
[DOI] [Full Text]

The iPlant Collaborative: Cyberinfrastructure for Plant Biology
Goff SA,
Vaughn M,
McKay ,
Lyons E,
Stapleton AE,
Gessler D,
Matasci N,
Wang L,
Hanlon M,
Lenards A,
Muir A,
Merchant N,
Lowry S,
Mock S,
Helmke M,
Kubach A,
Narro M,
Hopkins N,
Micklos D,
Hilgert U,
Gonzales M,
Jordan C,
Skidmore ,
Dooley R,
Cazes J,
McLay R,
Lu Z,
Pasternak S,
Koesterke L,
Piel WH,
Grene R,
Noutsos C,
Gendler K,
Feng X,
Tang C,
Lent M,
Kim SJ,
Kvilekval K,
Manjunath B,
Tannen V,
Stamatakis ,
Sanderson MJ,
Welch SM,
Cranston K,
Soltis P,
Soltis ,
OMeara B,
Ane C,
Brutnell T,
Kleibenstein DJ,
White JW,
Leebens-Mack J,
Donoghue MJ,
Spalding EP,
Vision TJ,
Myers R,
Lowenthal D,
Enquist BJ,
Boyle B,
Akoglu A,
Andrews G,
Ram S,
Ware D,
Stein L,
Stanzione D

Frontiers in Plant Science
  2 (0): Jan 2011  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Origins of Contemporary DNA Tumor Virus Research
Grodzicker T,
Hopkins N

Tooze, J
  (0): XIII+1073P; 1981  
[Full Text]

Action of Escherichia coli P1 restriction endonuclease on simian virus 40 DNA
Risser R,
Hopkins N,
Davis RW,
Delius H,
Mulder C

J Mol Biol
  89 (4): 517-44; Nov 15 1974  
[Full Text]

Preservation of normal behavior by enucleated cells in culture
Goldman RD,
Pollack R,
Hopkins NH

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  70 (3): 750-4; Mar 1973  
[Full Text]

Fibrillar systems in cell motility
Goldman RD,
Berg G,
Bushnell A,
Chang CM,
Dickerman L,
Hopkins N,
Miller ML,
Pollack R,
Wang E

Ciba Found Symp
  14 (0): 83-107; 1973  
[Full Text]

Aspects of Behavior of Enucleated Vertebrate Cells
Goldman RD,
Hopkins N,
Pollack R

Journal of Cell Biology
  55 (2): A87-A87; 1972  
[Full Text]

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