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A generalizable pre-clinical research approach for orphan disease therapy
Beaulieu CL,
Samuels ME,
Ekins S,
McMaster CR,
Edwards AM,
Krainer AR,
Hicks GG,
Frey BJ,
Boycott KM,
Mackenzie AE

Orphanet J Rare Dis
  7 (0): 1750-1172; Jun 2012   NLM
[DOI] [Full Text]

miR-34 miRNAs provide a barrier for somatic cell reprogramming
Choi YJ,
Lin CP,
Ho JJ,
He X,
Okada N,
Bu P,
Zhong Y,
Kim SY,
Bennett MJ,
Chen C,
Ozturk A,
Hicks GG,
Hannon GJ,
He L

Nature Cell Biology
  13 (11): 1353-1360 ; Nov 2011  
[DOI] [Full Text]

The knockout mouse project
Austin CP,
Battey JF,
Bradley A,
Bucan M,
Capecchi M,
Collins FS,
Dove WF,
Duyk G,
Dymecki S,
Eppig JT,
Grieder FB,
Heintz N,
Hicks G,
Insel TR,
Joyner A,
Koller BH,
Lloyd KC,
Magnuson T,
Moore MW,
Nagy A,
Pollock JD,
Roses AD,
Sands AT,
Seed B,
Skarnes WC,
Snoddy J,
Soriano P,
Stewart DJ,
Stewart F,
Stillman B,
Varmus H,
Varticovski L,
Verma IM,
Vogt TF,
von Melchner H,
Witkowski J,
Woychik RP,
Wurst W,
Yancopoulos GD,
Young SG,
Zambrowicz B

Nature Genetics
  36 (9): 921-924; Sep 2004  
[Full Text]

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