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Two New Complete Genome Sequences Offer Insight into Host and Tissue Specificity of Plant Pathogenic Xanthomonas spp
Bogdanove AJ,
Koebnik R,
Lu H,
Furutani A,
Angiuoli SV,
Patil PB,
Van Sluys MA,
Ryan RP,
Meyer DF,
Han SW,
Aparna G,
Rajaram M,
Delcher AL,
Phillippy AM,
Puiu D,
Schatz MC,
Shumway M,
Sommer DD,
Trapnell C,
Benahmed F,
Dimitrov G,
Madupu R,
Radune D,
Sullivan S,
Jha G,
Ishihara H,
Lee SW,
Pandey A,
Sharma V,
Sriariyanun M,
Szurek B,
Vera-Cruz CM,
Dorman KS,
Ronald PC,
Verdier V,
Dow JM,
Sonti RV,
Tsuge S,
Brendel VP,
Rabinowicz PD,
Leach JE,
White FF,
Salzberg SL

Journal of Bacteriology
  193 (19): 5450-5464; Oct 2011   PMC3187462

AXL receptor kinase is a mediator of YAP-dependent oncogenic functions in hepatocellular carcinoma
Xu MZ,
Chan SW,
Liu AM,
Wong KF,
Fan ST,
Chen J,
Poon RT,
Zender L,
Lowe SW,
Hong W,
Luk JM

  30 (10): 1229-1240; Mar 2011   ISI

Identification of ciliary and ciliopathy genes in Caenorhabditis elegans through comparative genomics
Chen N,
Mah A,
Blacque OE,
Chu J,
Phgora K,
Bakhoum MW,
Newbury CR,
Khattra J,
Chan SW,
Go A,
Efimenko E,
Johnsen RC,
Phirke P,
Swoboda P,
Marra M,
Moerman DG,
Leroux MR,
Baillie DL,
Stein LD

Genome Biology
  7 (12): R126; Dec 22 2006  
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