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Analysis of the bread wheat genome using whole-genome shotgun sequencing
Brenchley R,
Spannagl M,
Pfeifer M,
Barker GL,
DAmore R,
Allen AM,
McKenzie N,
Kramer M,
Kerhornou A,
Bolser D,
Kay S,
Waite D,
Trick M,
Bancroft I,
Gu Y,
Huo N,
Luo MC,
Sehgal S,
Gill B,
Kianian S,
Anderson O,
Kersey P,
Dvorak J,
McCombie WR,
Hall A,
Mayer KF,
Edwards KJ,
Bevan MW,
Hall N

  491 (7426): 705-710; Nov 26 2012  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Gemma: a resource for the reuse, sharing and meta-analysis of expression profiling data
Zoubarev A,
Hamer KM,
Keshav KD,
McCarthy EL,
Santos JR,
Van Rossum T,
McDonald C,
Hall A,
Wan X,
Lim R,
Gillis J,
Pavlidis P

  28 (17): 2272-2273; Sep 1 2012  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Independence of Repressive Histone Marks and Chromatin Compaction during Senescent Heterochromatic Layer Formation
Chandra T,
Kirschner K,
Thuret J,
Pope B,
Ryba T,
Newman S,
Ahmed K,
Samarajiwa S,
Salama R,
Carroll T,
Stark R,
Janky R,
Narita M,
Xue L,
Chicas A,
Nũnez S,
Janknecht R,
Hayashi-Takanaka Y,
Wilson M,
Marshall A,
Odom D,
Babu M,
Bazett-Jones D,
Tavaré S,
Edwards PW,
Lowe S,
Kimura H,
Gilbert D

Molecular Cell
  47 (2): 203-214; Jul 27 2012  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Post-transcriptional exon shuffling events in humans can be evolutionarily conserved and abundant
Al-Balool HH,
Weber D,
Liu Y,
Wade M,
Guleria K,
Nam PL,
Clayton J,
Rowe W,
Coxhead J,
Irving J,
Elliott DJ,
Hall AG,
Santibanez-Koref M,
Jackson MS

Genome Research
  21 (11): 1788-1799; Nov 2011  
[DOI] [Full Text]

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