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SRSF1 modulates the organization of splicing factors in nuclear speckles and regulates transcription
Tripathi V,
Song DY,
Zong X,
Shevtsov SP,
Hearn S,
Fu XD,
Dundr M,
Prasanth KV

Mol Biol Cell
  (0): Aug 1 2012   NLM
[DOI] [Full Text]

Interaction between the RNA binding domains of Ser-Arg splicing factor 1 and U1-70K snRNP protein determines early spliceosome assembly
Cho SY,
Hoang A,
Sinha R,
Zhong XY,
Fu XD,
Krainer AR,
Ghosh G

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  108 (20): 8233-8238; May 17 2011   PMC3100968

The ENCODE (ENCyclopedia of DNA Elements) Project
Feingold EA,
Good PJ,
Guyer MS,
Kamholz S,
Liefer L,
Wetterstrand K,
Collins FS,
Gingeras TR,
Kampa D,
Sekinger EA,
Cheng J,
Hirsch H,
Ghosh S,
Zhu Z,
Patel S,
Piccolboni A,
Yang A,
Tammana H,
Bekiranov S,
Kapranov P,
Harrison R,
Church G,
Struhl K,
Ren B,
Kim TH,
Barrera LO,
Qu C,
van Calcar S,
Luna R,
Glass CK,
Rosenfeld MG,
Guigo R,
Antonarakis SE,
Birney E,
Brent M,
Pachter L,
Reymond A,
Dermitzakis ET,
Dewey C,
Keefe D,
Denoeud F,
Lagarde J,
Ashurst J,
Hubbard T,
Wesselink JJ,
Castelo R,
Eyras E,
Myers RM,
Sidow A,
Batzoglou S,
Trinklein ND,
Hartman SJ,
Aldred SF,
Anton E,
Schroeder DI,
Marticke SS,
Nguyen L,
Schmutz J,
Grimwood J,
Dickson M,
Cooper GM,
Stone EA,
Asimenos G,
Brudno M,
Dutta A,
Karnani N,
Taylor CM,
Kim HK,
Robins G,
Stamatoyannopoulos G,
Stamatoyannopoulos JA,
Dorschner M,
Sabo P,
Hawrylycz M,
Humbert R,
Wallace J,
Yu M,
Navas PA,
McArthur M,
Noble WS,
Dunham I,
Koch CM,
Andrews RM,
Clelland GK,
Wilcox S,
Fowler JC,
James KD,
Groth P,
Dovey OM,
Ellis PD,
Wraight VL,
Mungall AJ,
Dhami P,
Fiegler H,
Langford CF,
Carter NP,
Vetrie D,
Snyder M,
Euskirchen G,
Urban AE,
Nagalakshmi U,
Rinn J,
Popescu G,
Bertone P,
Hartman S,
Rozowsky J,
Emanuelsson O,
Royce T,
Chung S,
Gerstein M,
Lian Z,
Lian J,
Nakayama Y,
Weissman S,
Stolc V,
Tongprasit W,
Sethi H,
Jones S,
Marra M,
Shin H,
Schein J,
Clamp M,
Lindblad-Toh K,
Chang J,
Jaffe DB,
Kamal M,
Lander ES,
Mikkelsen TS,
Vinson J,
Zody MC,
de Jong PJ,
Osoegawa K,
Nefedov M,
Zhu B,
Baxevanis AD,
Wolfsberg TG,
Crawford GE,
Whittle J,
Holt IE,
Vasicek TJ,
Zhou D,
Luo S,
Green ED,
Bouffard GG,
Margulies EH,
Portnoy ME,
Hansen NF,
Thomas PJ,
McDowell JC,
Maskeri B,
Young AC,
Idol JR,
Blakesley RW,
Schuler G,
Miller W,
Hardison R,
Elnitski L,
Shah P,
Salzberg SL,
Pertea M,
Majoros WH,
Haussler D,
Thomas D,
Rosenbloom KR,
Clawson H,
Siepel A,
Kent WJ,
Weng Z,
Jin S,
Halees A,
Burden H,
Karaoz U,
Fu Y,
Yu Y,
Ding C,
Cantor CR,
Kingston RE,
Dennis J,
Green RD,
Singer MA,
Richmond TA,
Norton JE,
Farnham PJ,
Oberley MJ,
Inman DR,
McCormick MR,
Kim H,
Middle CL,
Pirrung MC,
Fu XD,
Kwon YS,
Ye Z,
Dekker J,
Tabuchi TM,
Gheldof N,
Dostie J,
Harvey SC

  306 (5696): 636-640; 2004  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Substrate specificities of SR proteins in constitutive splicing are determined by their RNA recognition motifs and composite pre-mRNA exonic elements
Mayeda A,
Screaton GR,
Chandler SD,
Fu XD,
Krainer AR

Mol Cell Biol
  19 (3): 1853-63; Mar 1999  
[Full Text]

General Splicing Factors Sf2 and Sc35 Have Equivalent Activities Invitro, and Both Affect Alternative 5 and 3 Splice Site Selection
Fu XD,
Mayeda A,
Maniatis T,
Krainer AR

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  89 (23): 11224-11228; Dec 1992  
[Full Text]

Associations between distinct pre-mRNA splicing components and the cell nucleus
Spector DL,
Fu XD,
Maniatis T

Embo J
  10 (11): 3467-81; Nov 1991  
[Full Text] [PDF]

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