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The genome of Theobroma cacao
Argout X,
Salse J,
Aury JM,
Guiltinan MJ,
Droc G,
Gouzy J,
Allegre M,
Chaparro C,
Legavre T,
Maximova SN,
Abrouk M,
Murat F,
Fouet O,
Poulain J,
Ruiz M,
Roguet Y,
Rodier-Goud M,
Barbosa-Neto JF,
Sabot F,
Kudrna D,
Ammiraju JS,
Schuster SC,
Carlson JE,
Sallet E,
Schiex T,
Dievart A,
Kramer MR,
Gelley L,
Shi Z,
Bérard A,
Viot C,
Boccara M,
Risterucci AM,
Guignon V,
Sabau X,
Axtell MJ,
Ma Z,
Zhang Y,
Brown S,
Bourge M,
Golser W,
Song X,
Clement D,
Rivallan R,
Tahi M,
Akaza JM,
Pitollat B,
Gramacho K,
DHont A,
Brunel D,
Infante D,
Kebe I,
Costet P,
Wing R,
McCombie WR,
Guiderdoni E,
Quetier F,
Panaud O,
Wincker P,
Bocs S,
Lanaud C

Nature Genetics
  43 (2): 101-108; 2011   Elsevier Scopus

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