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Comparative analysis of the transcriptome across distant species
Gerstein MB,
Rozowsky J,
Yan KK,
Wang D,
Cheng C,
Brown JB,
Davis CA,
Hillier L,
Sisu C,
Li JJ,
Pei B,
Harmanci AO,
Duff MO,
Djebali S,
Alexander RP,
Alver BH,
Auerbach R,
Bell K,
Bickel PJ,
Boeck ME,
Boley NP,
Booth BW,
Cherbas L,
Cherbas P,
Di C,
Dobin A,
Drenkow J,
Ewing B,
Fang G,
Fastuca M,
Feingold EA,
Frankish A,
Gao G,
Good PJ,
Guigo R,
Hammonds A,
Harrow J,
Hoskins RA,
Howald C,
Hu L,
Huang H,
Hubbard TJ,
Huynh C,
Jha S,
Kasper D,
Kato M,
Kaufman TC,
Kitchen RR,
Ladewig E,
Lagarde J,
Lai E,
Leng J,
Lu Z,
MacCoss M,
May G,
McWhirter R,
Merrihew G,
Miller DM,
Mortazavi A,
Murad R,
Oliver B,
Olson S,
Park PJ,
Pazin MJ,
Perrimon N,
Pervouchine D,
Reinke V,
Reymond A,
Robinson G,
Samsonova A,
Saunders GI,
Schlesinger F,
Sethi A,
Slack FJ,
Spencer WC,
Stoiber MH,
Strasbourger P,
Tanzer A,
Thompson OA,
Wan KH,
Wang G,
Wang H,
Watkins KL,
Wen J,
Wen K,
Xue C,
Yang L,
Yip K,
Zaleski C,
Zhang Y,
Zheng H,
Brenner SE,
Graveley BR,
Celniker SE,
Gingeras TR,
Waterston R

  512 (7515): 445-8; Aug 28 2014   Nlm
[DOI] [Full Text]

Comparative network analysis of gene co-expression networks reveals the conserved and species-specific functions of cell-wall related genes between arabidopsis and poplar
Wang D,
Pan E,
Fang G,
Kumari S,
He F,
Ware D,
Maslov S,
Gerstein M

2013 ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biomedical Informatics, ACM-BCB 2013
  689-690; Sep 22-Sep 25 2013   Elsevier
[DOI] [Full Text]

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