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Genome-wide copy number variation study associates metabotropic glutamate receptor gene networks with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Elia J,
Glessner JT,
Wang K,
Takahashi N,
Shtir CJ,
Hadley D,
Sleiman PM,
Zhang H,
Kim CE,
Robison R,
Lyon GJ,
Flory JH,
Bradfield JP,
Imielinski M,
Hou C,
Frackelton EC,
Chiavacci RM,
Sakurai T,
Rabin C,
Middleton FA,
Thomas KA,
Garris M,
Mentch F,
Freitag CM,
Steinhausen HC,
Todorov AA,
Reif A,
Rothenberger A,
Franke B,
Mick EO,
Roeyers H,
Buitelaar J,
Lesch KP,
Banaschewski T,
Ebstein RP,
Mulas F,
Oades RD,
Sergeant J,
Sonuga-Barke E,
Renner TJ,
Romanos M,
Romanos J,
Warnke A,
Walitza S,
Meyer J,
Pálmason H,
Seitz C,
Loo SK,
Smalley SL,
Biederman J,
Kent L,
Asherson P,
Anney RJ,
Gaynor JW,
Shaw P,
Devoto M,
White PS,
Grant SF,
Buxbaum JD,
Rapoport JL,
Williams NM,
Nelson SF,
Faraone SV,
Hakonarson H

Nature Genetics
  44 (1): 78-84; Dec 4 2012  
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