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Discovery of functional elements in 12 Drosophila genomes using evolutionary signatures
Stark A,
Lin MF,
Kheradpour P,
Pedersen JS,
Parts L,
Carlson JW,
Crosby MA,
Rasmussen MD,
Roy S,
Deoras AN,
Ruby JG,
Brennecke J,
Hodges E,
Hinrichs AS,
Caspi A,
Paten B,
Park SW,
Han MV,
Maeder ML,
Polansky BJ,
Robson BE,
Aerts S,
van Helden J,
Hassan B,
Gilbert DG,
Eastman DA,
Rice M,
Weir M,
Hahn MW,
Park Y,
Dewey CN,
Pachter L,
Kent WJ,
Haussler D,
Lai EC,
Bartel DP,
Hannon GJ,
Kaufman TC,
Eisen MB,
Clark AG,
Smith D,
Celniker SE,
Gelbart WM,
Kellis M

  450 (7167): 219-232; Nov 2007  
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