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A map of human genome sequence variation containing 1.42 million single nucleotide polymorphisms
Sachidanandam R,
Weissman D,
Schmidt SC,
Kakol JM,
Stein LD,
Marth G,
Sherry S,
Mullikin JC,
Mortimore BJ,
Willey DL,
Hunt SE,
Cole CG,
Coggill PC,
Rice CM,
Ning Z,
Rogers J,
Bentley DR,
Kwok PY,
Mardis ER,
Yeh RT,
Schultz B,
Cook L,
Davenport R,
Dante M,
Fulton L,
Hillier L,
Waterston RH,
McPherson JD,
Gilman B,
Schaffner S,
Van Etten WJ,
Reich D,
Higgins J,
Daly MJ,
Blumenstiel B,
Baldwin J,
Stange-Thomann N,
Zody MC,
Linton L,
Lander ES,
Altshuler D

  409 (6822): 928-33; Feb 15 2001  
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