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Assemblathon 1: A competitive assessment of de novo short read assembly methods
Earl D,
Bradnam K,
St. John J,
Darling A,
Lin D,
Fass J,
Yu HO,
Buffalo V,
Zerbino DR,
Diekhans M,
Nguyen N,
Ariyaratne PN,
Sung WK,
Ning Z,
Haimel M,
Simpson JT,
Fonseca NA,
Birol I,
Docking TR,
Ho IY,
Rokhsar DS,
Chikhi R,
Lavenier D,
Chapuis G,
Naquin D,
Maillet N,
Schatz MC,
Kelley DR,
Phillippy AM,
Koren S,
Yang SP,
Wu W,
Chou WC,
Srivastava A,
Shaw TI,
Ruby JG,
Skewes-Cox P,
Betegon M,
Dimon MT,
Solovyev V,
Seledtsov I,
Kosarev P,
Vorobyev D,
Ramirez-Gonzalez R,
Leggett R,
MacLean D,
Xia F,
Luo R,
Li Z,
Xie Y,
Liu B,
Gnerre S,
MacCallum I,
Przybylski D,
Ribeiro FJ,
Sharpe T,
Hall G,
Kersey PJ,
Durbin R,
Jackman SD,
Chapman JA,
Huang X,
DeRisi JL,
Caccamo M,
Li Y,
Jaffe DB,
Green RE,
Haussler D,
Korf I,
Paten B

Genome Research
  21 (12): 2224-2241; 2011  
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