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Human telomerase RNA and telomerase activity in immortal cell lines and tumor tissues
Avilion AA,
Piatyszek MA,
Gupta J,
Shay JW,
Bacchetti S,
Greider CW

Cancer Res
  56 (3): 645-50; Feb 1 1996  
[Full Text]

Telomerase Biochemistry and Regulation
Greider C,
Autexier C,
Avilion A,
Scharring M,
Prowse K

Faseb Journal
  8 (7): A1322-A1322; Apr 1994  

Identification of a nonprocessive telomerase activity from mouse cells
Prowse KR,
Avilion AA,
Greider CW

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  90 (4): 1493-7; Feb 15 1993  

Telomere Shortening Associated with Chromosome Instability Is Arrested in Immortal Cells Which Express Telomerase Activity
Counter CM,
Avilion AA,
Lefeuvre CE,
Stewart NG,
Greider CW,
Harley CB,
Bacchetti S

Embo Journal
  11 (5): 1921-1929; May 1992  
[Full Text]

Tetrahymena telomerase RNA levels increase during macronuclear development
Avilion AA,
Harrington LA,
Greider CW

Dev Genet
  13 (1): 80-6; 1992  

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