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Molecular-Cloning and Invitro Expression of a Cdna Clone for Human Cellular Tumor-Antigen P53
Harlow E,
Williamson NM,
Ralston R,
Helfman DM,
Adams TE

Molecular and Cellular Biology
  5 (7): 1601-1610; 1985  
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A Monoclonal-Antibody That Detects Hla-D Region Antigen in Routinely Fixed, Wax Embedded Sections of Normal and Neoplastic Lymphoid-Tissues
Epenetos AA,
Bobrow LG,
Adams TE,
Collins CM,
Isaacson PG,
Bodmer WF

Journal of Clinical Pathology
  38 (1): 12-17; 1985  
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Biochemical and Functional Evidence That an Mt3 Supertypic Determinant Defined by a Monoclonal-Antibody Is Carried on the Dr Molecule on Hla-Dr7 Cell-Lines
Horibe K,
Flomenberg N,
Pollack MS,
Adams TE,
Dupont B,
Knowles RW

Journal of Immunology
  133 (6): 3195-3202; 1984  
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Biochemical-Analysis of Hla-Dr7 Related Antigens Recognized by Monoclonal-Antibodies and Alloreactive T-Cell Clones
Knowles RW,
Flomenberg N,
Horibe K,
Adams T,
Dupont B

Human Immunology
  8 (4): 319-320; 1983  
[Full Text]

The Bovine Major Histocompatibility Complex and Disease Resistance
Adams TE,
Brandon MR

The Ruminant Immune System in Health and Disease; International Conference on the Application of Ruminant Immunology to the Control of Bovine Diseases
  . 178-204; 1986 1983  

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