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Latest CSHL Authors' Publications

CSHL Authors' Publications Database provides access to all articles published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory scientists (1892 - 2012).
We are in the process of creating a bio page for each CSHL Principal Investigator, including a link to their home pages, and a video clip of their current research.
Please contact the library for additions or comments.

Brd4 is on the move during inflammation
Abstract: Enhancer landscapes are shaped by the integrated functions of lineage-specific and signal-dependent transcription factors. A new study by Brown et al. suggests that the signal-dependent transcription factor NF-kB can modulate global enhancer activities by altering the occupancy of Brd4, a BET bromodomain coactivator protein, across the genome. This work reveals new principles of enhancer dynamics and insights into the therapeutic modulation of enhancer function with BET bromodomain inhibitors.
Xu Y,
Vakoc CR

Trends in Cell Biology
  (0): Oct 3 2014

Global Ablation of Mouse Rab11a Impairs Early Embryogenesis and Matrix Metalloproteinase Secretion
Abstract: Rab11a has been conceived as a prominent regulatory component of the recycling endosome, which acts as a nexus in the endo- and exo-cytotic networks. The precise in vivo role of Rab11a in mouse embryonic development is unknown. We globally ablated Rab11a and examined the phenotypic and molecular outcomes in Rab11a-null blastocysts and mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs). Using multiple trafficking assays and complementation analyses, we determined, among multiple important membrane-associated and soluble cargos, the critical contribution of Rab11a vesicular traffic to the secretion of multiple soluble MMPs. Rab11a-null embryos were able to properly form normal blastocysts but died at peri-implantation stages. Our data suggested that Rab11a critically controls mouse blastocyst development and soluble MMP secretion.
Yu S,
Yehia G,
Wang J,
Stypulkowski E,
Sakamori R,
Jiang P,
Hernandez-Enriquez EB,
Tran TS,
Bonder EM,
Guo W,
Gao N

Journal of Biological Chemistry
  (0): Sep 30 2014
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